About Us


Madras Institute of Technology has proven to be a leader not only in imparting knowledge in Academics, but also takes active part in serving the common man and enabling himto lead a happy life. MIT is not only known for producing sound engineers to the industries but develops and inculates the service notion in every MITian. The service is not confined to just a week in the campus, but beyond all that boundaries, the service needs to be implicated till one's life comes to an end. Our NSS organisation not only encourages service to humanity but stresses the need to live in.

Focus & Social works


Reforestation, clearing the wastes, wastes management, Re-use, Rethink & Recycle are some of the social works that we carry on. NSS focusses on the holistic development of an individual on par with the society. Eradication of diseases also form the target areas of NSS. NSS plays a role in spreading the awareness to the people in the neighbourhood & the surroundings. This is not the end of the road.. our services continue forever...