Tree/saplings plantation is a regular activity of NSS volunteers stressing the policy of Afforestation, which helps in reducing the pollution rates as well as to take care of the rising Global Warming phenomenon/crisis.

Productive seminars on "The Killer Cancer disease", "Ban on Tobacco", "Waste Disposal & Management" were conducted. The seminars were organised in order to enable our volunteers to understand the complexity/complexion of the use of Tobacco, diseases & the waste management. Large of e-wastes, medical wastes are generated & "Waste Management" proved to be an eyeopener & is certainly the need of the lious.

The NSS Day was celebrated with great pomp & show in "Service in Today's lives" Guest Lecture was organised and many competitions were conducted, to expose the talents of our volunteers and prizes were awarded.

Blood Donation Camps,Orphanage Visits were regular part of the NSS activity planner. The highlight of the NSS was "Save our Beach", an awareness that aims at bringing back the past beauty of our Madrasapattinam.